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It was a sight that even an immortal man, coming here, would have watched it with wonder and great joy...




Our chef is Rocco who graduated successfully at the "Hotel School" in Formia (LT). Thanks to his work experiences in many major restaurants in Italy and his fantasy, he creates tasty dishes to propose to the clients. The dishes are traditional and typical dishes of the Riviera Laziale and they are prepared in a simple way but always revised by the personal touch of the chef. In order to end well a good meal, you have to try the desserts hand-made by Rocco, who, with his specialization in confectionery, will be able to delight your palate. The basis of a good cooking are the ingredients which have to be always fresh, high grade and genuine. For this reason at "La Lanterna" the ingredients come from the vegetable market of Fondi (MOF) and the fish market of Terracina and Gaeta. The cuisine is essentially based on fish but there is also a top quality meat.