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It was a sight that even an immortal man, coming here, would have watched it with wonder and great joy...




At the beach bar you will find Veronica. She seems to be the youngest sister but really she is the older one. The bar is located at the very centre of the establishment and it is easily accessible from all the umbrellas, also because it is located directly on the arenile level so you have not to climb stairs.

The bar offers a varied menu with sandwiches, snacks and grilled dishes as well as refreshing drinks, ice creams, coffee and so on. Basically everything you can eat quickly in order to enjoy your day on the beach saving your time for your golden sunburn!

The clients of the establishment can use a "Prepaid electronic coin" issued by "La Lanterna" which allows them to leave their money at home and to pay everything in the establishment using only this "coin". In addiction, the electronic coin allows the use of the showers and the access to the toilet.

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